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Royce McGowan

Dr. Royce McGowan

Dr. Royce McGowan, DC, opened his practice with his wife Dr. Shelita McGowan in Jacksonville, Florida, where they serve as experts in easing physical pain and stress through chiropractic treatments.

Dr. McGowan was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and raised in Jacksonville, where he attended high school and became a football star. He earned an athletic scholarship to Tennessee State University and was headed for a pro career when he hurt his knee in his junior year, which ended his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

His second dream was to become a doctor and help people, so he learned a “whole person approach” to wellness that involves understanding the causes of the aches and pains and making the necessary adjustments for improved health, including lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes, and body manipulations.

Dr. McGowan met his wife Shelita at Life University in Atlanta where they both earned their degrees in chiropractic. The couple moved to Jacksonville where Dr. Royce McGowan worked at First Coast Medical Center before they launched their own practice.

When he’s not at the office telling patients, “I’ve got your back,” Dr. McGowan spends time with his wife and children, taking them fishing and going to the movies.

Dr. Shelita McGowan

Dr. Shelita McGowan, DC, is a licensed chiropractor who met her husband, Royce, at the Life University in Atlanta. Together the pair launched the McGowan Medical Centers located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. The state-of-the-art practice offers rehabilitation, physical therapy and a wide-range of drug-free, chiropractic treatments to relieve the cause and symptoms of back problems, neck pain, headaches and other common musculoskeletal problems.

Dr. McGowan was born and raised in New Orleans and graduated from Grambling State University in Louisiana, where she was a proud pledge of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Shelita married Royce three months after graduating from chiropractic school. She went to Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband, where he pursued a position at First Coast Medical Center.

Together, Drs. McGowan formed the McGowan Medical Centers to help their friends and neighbors overcome back, neck, and shoulder pains. Dr. McGowan specializes in easing her patients’ pains and ailments and teaching them to follow healthy lifestyles.




Dr. Kwame Jenkins

Dr. Kwame Jenkins, DC, is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a board licensed chiropractor. Dr. Kwame knew from the time he was a youngster that he wanted to become a health care professional and help people. He figured out his chiropractic calling during his sophomore year at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL and following graduation returned to his hometown to join McGowan Medical Centers.

Serving men and women of all ages in Jacksonville and the surrounding cities,  McGowan Medical Centers provides advanced, top-quality rehabilitation and physical therapy along with a wide-range of drug-free, chiropractic treatments to relieve the cause and symptoms of back problems, neck pain, headaches and other common musculoskeletal problems.

In his spare time, Dr. Jenkins volunteers with many community projects and mentoring programs including the Boys and Girls Club of America, Christian Tutoring Services, and the Student American Black Chiropractic Association. Dr. Jenkins philosophy centers on the holistic principle of allowing the body to heal from within, and he can help you ease the pain.

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